As more of my children reach school age (and quickly I might add), the time I spend trying to teach all the subjects needed in school becomes ever so precious. I’ve come to appreciate and love the help that programs on the computer and DVD’s offer. One of the programs we now use in our home is a fantastic art program called “See The Light“.

There are many art programs out there, but as with everything else in our homeschool, I’m pretty particular. 🙂 And this time I have my husband scrutinizing my picks with Art since he is excellent at drawing, and is currently going back to school for Graphic Design. Art is his thing, not mine. My skills end at the stick figure. Seriously! Since my husband is super duper busy I knew that an excellent art program would be needed to help my children learn the fundamentals of art.


See The Light” is taught by artist Pat Knepley. She is far more than just an art teacher – she has a love for the Lord that shines strong through the art lessons she teaches. Everything in the lessons focus back to our awesome God who created all things. She even has a Bible with her during the lesson that she reads from. I love the emphasis on the Lord and how even art lessons can bring honor to Him.



The supplies needed for this program are very simple:

A #2 pencil

Gray kneaded erasor

white erasor

white copy paper

pencil sharpener

That is the basic list! There are a few more things needed for a few of the lessons, but just having those five things will get you far.

Here is a sample lesson to watch:

My boys really like watching these videos and attempting to draw along with Pat. One day my six year old son asked to turn this on and he was drawing the objects all by himself for fun. I was impressed with that!

I like how simple objects around the house are used such as an apple or a shoe. You are not taught to draw abstract objects that don’t mean anything to a younger child. This is real, practical art that children will easily grasp and enjoy.

Overall I found this art program refreshing, simple to use, and easy for even a younger child to understand and learn from!

You can purchase a complete one year set of DVD’s for $99.99. Since a wide range of ages can use this, it becomes a very economical art curriculum for a large family to use. Single DVD’s are $14.99 each.

See The Light has generously offered to giveaway the first two DVD’s in the series! To enter, use the rafflecopter form below. (email readers click over into post).



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  1. These DVDs sound great! Our art is a mismatch of things. They really like their craft days w/ my mom. She does about 4-5 seasonal crafts a year w/ her grandchildren (my kids & my sister’s).

  2. We actually aren’t doing any formal art, because my boys all ready do so much drawing and art type things on their own. But I have been wanting to find a program they could do to expand what they know and give them more ideas. This sound like a great dvd!

  3. We love the Draw Write Now & Draw and Write Through History curriculums. This looks like it would be a good next step.

  4. We don’t do a formal art curriculum right now (although my 7 yr old chose to do an art class last year that she loved!) but I have been wanting to find something for them. My almost 9 yr old is showing a lot of talent in that area so it would be great to have something to teach him more of the how to stuff. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Currently we don’t do a lot for art. A couple of times a month my school age children go to visit with my friend and they do all sorts of arts and crafts together. I’m not artsy, but she is. 😀

  6. We have used the ABEKA art books until my son out grew them last year or year before…since then we do not have an art program. Would live to have one though as he LOVES to draw.

  7. As of right now our only child is 18 months old, so we’re not doing anything formal. I’ve been following this series because I think I’m being led to homeschool at least as long as my husband is Active Duty military. So currently our art “classes” consist of crayons, fingerpaint, and paper. Well and “helping” Mommy knit, lol.

  8. Currently my kids do Art With A Purpose Art Packs from Christian Light Education. I think they could benefit from a little more guidance than my “stick figures” can provide! 😉

    In fact, even if I don’t win this, I may consider it for next year when the budget’s {hopefully} not so tight.

  9. We currently do not have an art curriculum, although we have been looking for one for this year! This just might be it! 🙂

  10. I would love to win this! We don’t currently homeschool, but are planning to start in 2013, this would be a great addition! I am so excited to start homeschooling my 4 boys! I love your blog!

  11. We have just started homeschooling, so I haven’t bought anything for art yet, but this looks really neat! The other thing I have had my eye on is: Come Look with Me and Drawing with Children


  12. I have been searching for an art program. Constantly getting pressured to send our kids to local art class, but that isn’t what I want! I want something they can do that focuses on the Lord and I am amazed at this art class. How refreshing someone loves the Lord and art soo much to incorporate our Father into it! Thank you for sharing this Caroline!

  13. We’ve tried several different things & I haven’t loved any of them so far! Most of the time I just let the kids experiment with drawing or watercolors.

  14. There was some art included in the curriculum we used last year, but I’ve been on the lookout for what to use next. I’m interested in this for sure!

  15. Drawing in 3-D by Mark Kistler, as well as the free sections of his interactive art website for children
    Drawing From Nature by Jim Arnosky
    Getting familiar with famous works of art and their artists via free websites, encyclopedia, and books from the local public library.

  16. Our art is currently more like arts and crafts – I leave it pretty open to my littles to use their creativity. I’m not good at drawing, so this would be great for them!! Thanks!

  17. I have heard so much about this program, I can’t wait to look at the sample lesson! As far as art right now, I let my children lead (ages 6 andn 4) they love to paint and color, the messier the better 🙂

  18. We don’t currently do anything for art, but my oldest daughter has been checking books out of the library and teaching herself to draw. It is so wonderful to see how the Lord will fill gaps in when I simply can’t do it all!! She would love this program to aid in her learning.

  19. What we currently do for art is… mostly whatever the kids want! They’re still little (3.5 and almost 2), so we do lots of paint, finger paint, markers, pencils, crayons, etc. But my daughter (3.5) is very talented in art and it won’t be long for us to being guiding her in techniques.

  20. We don’t do anything for art right now. My son will be 2 next month but I plan to homeschool in the future. This looks like a great program!

  21. We are just about to start homeschooling, so I haven’t looked into art programs yet, but this looks great! Would love to win!

  22. I would love this for my grandchildren they (all 5)are homeschooled. Art is a hodgepot of crafts this would be perfect money is tight so if I could win this it would be used for many years

  23. My kiddos are currently not old enough yet. But I am beginning to think about such things. I would like to find sources that teach my kiddos art through observation first. I would like them to learn how to draw by using their own observations of a real object, rather than copying the art work of a teacher or myself.

  24. Thanks for ALL you do! You have been an incredible blessing to me. We will look in to this as I was considering art on DVD!

  25. Don’t currently do art that much, but I have a few children who would like to. This sounds like a do-able program that mom and kids would both enjoy.

  26. We have used the Draw Write Now books and we have also used some of Barry Stebbing’s books. Love them!

    Right now my kids both like to draw just for fun and we haven’t done any specific thing. If they love doing it and spend time at it, they are learning!

  27. I bought artistic pursuits book 1 (K-3) for my little ones, but only started it! I, too, am artistically challenged, which is why this DVD program looks enticing!

  28. Art is whatever our children decide to draw/make right now. I would love something more instructional! Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. I currently do very little. I have been having a hard time finding a program because drawing is something I have no talent with. This would be awesome!

  30. We don’t have a set curriculum. We incorporate artistic ability into various activities that go along with our school. Sometimes I come up with it. Sometimes it is the suggestion in the teachers guide and sometimes it is something the kids want to do.

  31. We’re doing some sketching in our nature notebooks. We’re also learning about different artists by reading biographies and looking at their art. I don’t know how to actually teach the doing of art, though, since even my stick figures are lacking.

  32. Relaxed 1st year of preschool here. Coloring books, chalk (board and sidewalk), play-dough sculpting, and Little Einsteins:)

  33. Caroline this looks great. I tried to leave a comment on your giveaway button but something fouled up so here it is. We have used just different how to type drawing books and the Mike’s inspiration station videos which the kids like but although they are Christian based some are kinda silly.

  34. We currently do not use a curriculum for art. We just do lots of arts and crafts that tie into our history curriculum. This would be great to have.

  35. I like the draw-write-now books too & we have done abeka art books. I also like Teach Art to Children….which is great for teaching the basics. We love art, so I would love to win and try this curriculum.

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