A Mother’s Love – So Precious!

I saw this on Facebook yesterday, and it has to be the sweetest video I have seen in a long time. I am not a cat person at all, but this melted my heart. As a mother of a three month old nursing baby, and as a mother to a child struggling with bad dreams at night, I can totally relate to this video and what this sweet mama cat is doing.

Isn’t that so sweet? I have watched this five times now, and every time I get a smile on my face. May we be watchful mothers over our children like this cat where even while we sleep we are aware of their needs and are quick to respond. While awake, may we be alert and in tune to what is swirling around in their hearts, and diligent in our prayers for them.


  1. How cute!

  2. This so sweet I watched it 5 times!! The mother cat did not even have to open her eyes and she was aware or sensed what was going on..Amazing yet A mother’s love is the GREATEST love of all! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. I have seen this video before and it is a sweet one.

  4. i have watched this twice and my lovely husband watched too and we thought ,this is what a mother does for her child. Beautifull thank you for putting it up

  5. How sweet! 🙂

  6. Gave me a smile I needed today!Thanks. 🙂

  7. Rebecca L. says:

    Loved it and had to share it. Thanks.

  8. I often “show” my cat (Ruby) youtube videos of birds, dogs and cats as she likes to sit next to me when I am working on the computer. She watched the clip of the cute mother and kitty with great interest!! I do wonder what she is really thinking – sometimes she will touch the screen, in particular if it is birds flying or dolphins “talking”.

    I liked it to:)

  9. So sweet! Proof that bed sharing is a natural thing!

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