The weekend left me strangely revived. I’m not sure why as Saturday was a difficult day emotionally since it was the one year anniversary of my mother’s passing. I worked really hard that day to stay busy. We have house projects to do so I power washed our fence to repaint it, sorted through tubs of children’s clothes and carried them all downstairs and into the garage to store there. Mind you all in the heat and me being 16 weeks pregnant. My husband kept telling me I was working to hard. I suppose he was right….

Sunday we were busy all day with church in the morning and evening, and a baby shower for a friend in the afternoon.
Somehow through all the busyness, I woke up this morning with this to do list on my mind. So these are my goals for this week.
1. To walk in gentleness before my children
2. To speak words of loving encouragement more than I speak words of discipline.
3. To be a true help meet for my husband, encouraging him if he is down, being quick to be there for his needs, and support him in his business. That includes having nice cold drinks of lemonade or juice ready for him when he comes home after a full day of lawn care. The heat is supposed to be really bad this week!
4. Take the time to focus on eating enough protein this week so I can grow a healthy baby and keep my blood sugar stable – thus in turn creating a happy mama for my children, born and unborn! This includes making sure I am fixing enough meat for lunch and dinner, eating boiled or scrambled eggs for breakfast, and making putter fingers today for a high protein snack. Also making sure I am drinking red raspberry tea daily along with my water and taking all my vitamins faithfully.
5. To try, and try again to stay on top of dishes and laundry. Those are my two biggest challenges in housekeeping! Yes I’ve read all the books telling me how to stay on top of it, it’s just to actually do it. I also normally crash right after dinner and have a hard time finding the energy to go do the dishes then….
So there you have it!

Did you wake up with a renewed vision for your week? Do you have any special goals for this week?
I’d love to have you share them here with us!

8 Comments on My To Do List For The Week…

  1. Thanks for this post. I am overwhelmed this morning with the things I "need" to accomplish. We just got back from vacation on Saturday and bags are still packed and messes abound! I'm glad I observed the Sabbath rest yesterday but this morning I feel like I can't do it! This was a very timely word from the Lord through you!

  2. This is a wonderful weekly list. These are those things that point to where our energies should be. Keep up the good work. Great post!

  3. More laundry and dishes…my sign that it is indeed a new day. 🙂 But I guess it should make me feel good that we have sufficient food to eat (to mess the dishes) and sufficient clothing to wear.

  4. Thanks for the protein recipe (putty bars). I'm really making an effort to eat more protein and this looks like a very tasty way to do it! Thanks for the helpful post.

  5. I too have a renewed drive to get some things done around here! I'm at the end of my pregnancy (4 weeks to go), and I'm also preparing for an out of state move just 6 weeks after baby is born! In an effort to be a help meet to my husband (who is finishing his PhD!) I have many jobs I need to get done before the baby is born (anything not done by then may be left for him to do). I realized I really needed to get to work on a few things, and my sweet children were such blessings today to help me get some things marked off of the list! I hope to mark most of the other things off of my list this week! Yay! Then maybe I can just take it easy for a couple of weeks so I can be good and rested for the birth?

  6. That is a great to do list. sometimes hard to remember when you're drowning in dishes and laundry. Thanks for the reminder and we are praying for you and thia baby.

  7. Great goals! I love it when a week starts off like that. 😉 I used to set goals for myself at the beginning of the week, but found I became too obsessed about what *didn't* get done, so I stopped. Sometimes I still post a SMALL list of to-dos on my bulletin board, but I keep that at a maximum of three things.

  8. I'm right there with you on the dishes. It doesn't matter when I do them, there is immediately more to do.

    Laundry is a challenge, too. I found a routine that works well for me when I do it.

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