She Wears Skirts-Hide Your Mommy Tummy!

A comment I hear frequently from ladies is “I just don’t look good in skirts.” While many of you you may not feel like skirts are as flattering on you as you might like, I have recently found a way to greatly improve my appearance in skirts!

Being a mother is a blessing, but it also leaves your body greatly changed. I’ve been blessed beyond measure to have four children seven and under. I always nurse for at least a year, so trying to do a special diet after having the baby is really not an option for me. With this last child, I realized that over the course of having my babies I had gradually gained some weight, all of which ended up in my stomach. I have the typical mommy tummy with stretch marks and loose skin. Amy recently wrote about Diastasis Recti and the struggles she has gone through with that. I don’t have that problem, I simply have relaxed stomach muscles from being pregnant four times! Having caught glimpses of myself in the mirror, I’ve been bothered by what I see.
When I was shopping in Marshalls the other day, I looked at the shapewear. I was intrigued by a tummy shaper and decided to try it on. Amazingly, it was comfortable and it actually helped the looks of my stomach area! After wearing it for several weeks now, I’ve been extremely pleased with the results. I have no clue if this is related or not but I’ve even lost four pounds since I started wearing the shaper! At any rate, after measuring myself today with the shaper on, and then taking it off, I discovered that I am three inches smaller in my waist with the shaper on. WOW!
(PLEASE NOTE-the following links contain photos of women modeling undergarments. I have chosen to just give you the links instead of posting the pictures here. Please be careful if opening up with little children around.)
So what is this fantastic shaper? The one I bought is hard to find online, so they must be discontinuing it. Here is one store that still sells it.
This shaper sold at Amazon is from Flexee also (same company as my shaper) and has a lot of good reviews! I think it would be even more conveinant as you can wear your own underwear, making bathroom breaks easier. It still hooks up the front, which I think is very important for a shaper to work correctly. I have tried several others without the hook, and they never gave me the desired result.
I would give a caution if looking at this style of shaper. After trying this type a few times, I quickly realized that I was getting yeast infections after wearing them! They simply do not allow air to circulate (I know, a lot of details here!) That is why I prefer the other type, plus they seem to work so much better!
I have also been doing the “Hit The Floor” workout from T-Tapp. It’s excellent! The workout really focuses on the stomach area. Body brushing is also a good way to tighten up loose skin, and I have been trying to do that faithfully 🙂
Here are some pictures with the shaper on (picture #1)….

With the shaper taken off (picture #2).

Notice how much straighter I stand with the shaper on?
I hope this might give you some hope that there are “helps” out there to assist you in looking better. And ladies, please remember – whether you weigh a slim and tight 110 pounds, or you weigh 225 pounds and are fluffy all over, you all have beautiful qualities about you!
Over at Raising Arrows, Amy is talking about what styles of clothes are flattering for different body shapes. Be sure to take a peek!
She Wears Skirts

Part One – Modest Series Begins!
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  1. Mrs. Zwieg says:

    Thank you SO much for this post! My Mother and Grandmother started teaching me how to wear nylons and girdles when I was about ten…about the time my body started taking on the more mature look. I will warn that they are very uncomfortable in the hot summer time, but beauty has its price (keep a little fan in your purse).

    You have inspired me to sit down and interview my Grandmother on the theories of Undergarmets from her day and then compare the general social acceptance of our culture now. This should be interesting!

  2. What a great post! I was a straight t-shirt and jeans girl but since I welcome a daughter into my life who is as girly as you can get she has actually made me want to dress more feminine.So as my body is different from pregnancy shopping for dresses and skirts is tricky. Glad to find this blog. It is really lovely and helpful.

  3. I have been enjoying this series! While I am not skirts/dresses only, I do enjoy wearing them frequently. I really wear them a lot after baby #3. I have issues with diastasis recti and it make a pair of jeans unflattering and uncomfortable. I usually only wear them when working outside and out grocery shopping now.

  4. Just a question. I didn't follow your links, but would the body shaper be similar to a corset?

  5. Caroline says:


    Yes, I suppose a body shaper is similar to a corset, except I imagine corsets are worn much, much tighter than the body shaper I wear. I never feel short of breath, or close to fainting. 😉

  6. Rebecca Kvenvolden says:

    cool!! thanks for posting this! i knew i needed SOMETHING but wasn't sure what it was called! I've had 7 littles and after my twins were born, i'm dealing with a lot of skin! i'm hoping this will help. Amazon mom sent out an email today offering 20% off selected shapewear, which i read after your post! yay! so here's the link

  7. Caroline says:


    Thanks for sharing the coupon code! For anyone else reading, you can enter the code sLIMMING to save 20% off on select shapewear, it's not all the shapewear though.

    I got the idea for doing this after reading how moms wrap their stomachs after giving birth. I've read some moms do it up to 40 days, and it helps bring the stomach muscles back to where they are supposed to be. So I think it could be actually helpful to be doing this.

    I hope it helps you!

  8. Homeschooling6 says:

    Thanks for the post and ladies for commenting. I'm going to have to try one. After six kiddos, um, lets just say I could use one 😉

  9. My mother wore a "girdle" all her adult life and I can remember her coming home on hot summer days and saying "I must remove the girdle before I melt". And off it came. I have the same problem as you and wear a much smaller version just to flatten the tummy. It is cooler in summer but does have a habit of cutting into the legs which can hurt.

    Great advise.

  10. but why hide the "mommy tummy" in the first place? A maternal body is beautiful!

  11. great article! I’ve considered getting a corset, but my husband and I actually like my “mommy tummy” and I’m a fluffy all over sort of girl so I haven’t done that yet!

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